Swagg Inspiration: Federico Castillo III

A true force and inspiration in my life was my oldest brother Fred. The oldest of 3 he served as a role model and many times a father figure for me. As the most athletic of the 3 he excelled in sports from the ripe young age of 8 on up until his teenage years. Growing up in a house full of boys it was hard not to stay competitive.

As the years rolled on as many of us do settle in with life, Fred got married and found himself with 5 beautiful daughters. As a responsible father and husband, he did what most men of his upbringing do. Work, raise their kids to the best of their abilities and support the family. Not to mention the coaching of all of his 5 daughters in soccer for the coming years. Successfully securing scholarships for a couple of them. What a testament to his legacy as an athlete as not only a father and a coach.

Enter 2006 Fred is now 41 years old. Diagnosed with Kidney cancer Fred is now hospitalized to have his left kidney removed. Soon after being released from the hospital, having to continue to support his family Fred returns to work and coaching. No less weighing at 300lbs.

Enter 2010, Fred is now diagnosed with Diabetes where the Dr. could not read his sugar levels and was just about deemed in a diabetic coma. No less rushed to the hospital where it took nearly a week to return his sugar levels back to normal. At the end of his rope he felt life was seemingly over. With the meds he had to take, the change of eating habits in hand it was time to go home. Unsure of what life would bring he was reluctant and was unhappy with his situation.

Enter 2011, Fred thinking of his family as he often does. Putting them first knew he had to make a change. He decided it was time to make that ever elusive change. Dieting like a mad man, and exercising he was able to lose that weight to the tune of -100lbs. Fred took it a step further, he wanted to free himself from another obstacle that many said he could never do. To rid himself of the prescriptions that are so often accompanied by Diabetes.

Enter 2013, Fred joins a gym. Having to visit his Oncologist every 4 months to make sure his remaining Kidney stays healthy. Fred commits himself to the regimen it takes to achieve the ultimate health.

Enter 2014, Fred has been able to keep the weight off, rid himself of taking the prescriptions needed for Diabetes and overcome what many would call the impossible for this miraculous transformation in his life. The gym he attends have reached out to him to share his story. Below are his own words.

"I have now managed to keep the weight off and developed some muscle, I still continue my push to this day exercising and the gym has become a part of my everyday life. I try to inspire others that are in the situation I was once in. Owners of the gym I am a part of have asked me to sit in with them in a group and discuss my success story.  Here I am in 2020 at the age of 55 weighing at 222lbs. (muscle) and still pushing the weights and exercising. It's over if you want it to be, but we still have so much to live for so never give up!"

- Federico Castillo III

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