About Us

Health, Fashion, Spirit & Charity.

No matter who you are, every life holds substance!

Body Swagg represents the passionate spirit, work ethic and drive that each one of us embodies. We all have a story about heroes in our lives who formed our spirit.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, family and friendships, all shape the bold Swagg we embody.

Purchase Body Swagg and get stronger in honor of those who inspire us.
Who inspires your Swagg?

About Us

Body Swagg was created to honor those who have shaped my spirit, guided and motivated me to succeed at being a better person today than I was yesterday.

A portion of every Body Swagg Activewear purchase is donated to a charity that symbolizes that spirit in order to provide a service of thanks and gratitude in honor those who encourage our greatness.


My father, Federico Castillo Jr. was a man who commanded the Swagg spirit. Confident, tough and charismatic, he personified discipline as a 3rd degree black belt, and paraded creativity by serenading others with his guitar. An awarded Army Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division, he passed away a Purple Heart recipient and left a legacy that the Swagg brand was built to represent.

My mother, Teresa Castillo is the rock and strength on which my family is established. Widowed and a mother of three young boys, she taught us the meaning of self-love, chivalry, and the art of competition. As kids, she kept us active through many sports and involved in our community, founding the legacy of the charitable spirit Swagg executes with each purchase in her honor.

My brother, Benjamin Castillo, was born with the confidence and vigor that no one dares to challenge. A protector at heart, my brother always stands up for what’s right and has a history of being the helping hand that everyone needs. Always there to stand up and defend me when rough times surfaced, he continually stands his ground to do what’s right for the people he loves, which is a pertinent and overarching characteristic of what the Swagg attitude represents.

Work hard, make an impact.

My name is Jimmy Castillo. Of my family, I am the runt, as they say. The youngest and most spoiled of the bunch. With health troubles and unable to serve my country, I turned to creativity and education. I finished two years of fashion school and later tackled Theological studies. Combining the two and adding a little zest for life and service, I created Body Swagg to share my passion and create a brand that represents the power and spirit of those that inspire and keep me motivated to stay strong and make an impact on the world.